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What is GTA Role-playing and the popular NoPixel RP Server?

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Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V has been adjudged as the most-watched title on Twitch.tv this week. The addition of the brand new heist known as “Cayo Perico” did attract a plethora of its old player-base but more importantly, it was followed by the recent launch of NoPixel’s 3.0 Version. The latter is a well-known Role-Playing server, a modification by FiveM.

What is Role-playing in GTA?

Known as GTA RP, players stand a chance to create their own character where they can customize the appearance, induce traits to the same. The idea of role-playing is to talk, act, and proceed as the character you are playing. After the building process, they would have to act as per their character’s background, for Eg: If you have taken up the Taxi Job, you will have to cruise across the town until you get notified for a pick-up. Just like that, you can RP out as any character provided you define the backstory of the latter and play within the server’s rules. 

All you need to know about NoPixel

NoPixel has been the largest role-playing server in the Grand Theft Auto V world. Developed by Koil, the project has been induced with custom scripts by the Twitch Streamer himself along with community developers like GTAWiseguy and others. Recently NoPixel had its v3.0 released and since then we witnessed a plethora of content creators like LIRIK, uhSnow, Summit1g, AbdulHD, MEKABEAR stream their RP journey at NoPixel. 

This eventually spiked the viewership of GTA V on Twitch making it the most watched genre last week. 

How to apply for NoPixel?

NoPixel currently has two clusters of Whitelisting, the first would be Standard Whitelisting followed by Donator Whitelisting.

> Standard Whitelisting is currently closed for the community while you still can donate to the server in a bid to fill out the form for the same. You can find out the process over here. Although due to the dense popularity of the server, you might have to be patient for the response to your application. But trust me, once whitelisted, NoPixel holds an unparalleled experience for you in the store.

Installing FiveM

As earlier mentioned, FiveM is a custom modification for Grand Theft Auto V with custom scripts. Though it isn’t partnered with Rockstar, FiveM is a completely safe tool if you’re looking to Role-play in the game.

You can download the same from over here

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