What is C9 in Overwatch?

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If you’ve played any game in Overwatch over the last few years, then surely you’ll be familiar with the term “C9.” Several gamers around the globe use this term in Twitch or any other platform in order to express their sorrow with others.

You might also have seen that some gamers use this term in the chatbox to spam others at the end of a match or a tournament. But, not everyone knows the exact meaning of this term- C9.

What Is The History of C9?

The term C9 has a small history in the gaming industry of Overwatch. There was a team called C9, which stands for Cloud9. The team was initially very successful, but in the later part of their professional career, they messed up in one of the tournaments. 

To be precise, the spotlight event was the match of Cloud9 against their rival AF Blue in 2017 in Overwatch Apex Season 2. 

What Happened In the Match?

C9 consisted of famous players such as Surefour and Gods, who were sheer professionals in the Overwatch gaming world. On the other side, there were players such as Lijiang Tower and Volskaya Industries. The turning point in the match was when the players of C9 failed to complete the objective, and hence, lost against their opponents in a shameful three-time defeat. 

Their defeat was quite notable during that year because Cloud9 was considered as one of the best Western teams in Overwatch. 

Therefore, if anyone brutally loses a game now, players spam the inbox with the term C9 reminding others of the three-time defeat of Cloud9 in 2017.

What Does It Mean To C9 in Overwatch?

C9 is not actually any objective that the player must complete in a game nor does it indicate any losing round of a game. C9 describes more of a will or passion of a player to touch the final objective. It also can be defined as a form of miscommunication that leads to a player getting eliminated from a round.

This is everything you need to know about the term C9. If you want to read other articles on Overwatch, do check out our page.