How To Get Clutch Title and Spray in Valorant Easily: Step by Step Guide

Valorant clutch title

One of the most played first-person shooter games in competitive esports is Valorant. Riot Games has been hard at work introducing new weapon skins and in-game materials to enhance the gaming experience for gamers.

Valorant’s recognition has risen dramatically because of the fact that it has hosted and organized a number of major competitions on a national and international scale. The organizers frequently provide incentives for viewers who tune in to see the games live and stream online.

Red Bull Campus Clutch Finals will begin on December 16 at 4:00 pm GMT // 9:30 pm IST // 6:00 pm CEST, marking the final day of the tournament. All viewers who meet the requirements will receive the incentives, so those interested in watching the Livestream need only tune in. 

Having started with national and regional qualifiers, Red Bull now holds one of the largest worldwide Valorant tournaments. Each of the eligible teams is repping its home region in this major competition, which is being held in Brazil as a local area network event.

How to get Clutch title and spray in Valorant?

Players can brag about the game’s originality by claiming the “Clutch” title and spraying for their Valorant accounts. To receive these fantastic rewards, viewers must meet the following criteria:

This progress can be tracked in the drops menu on Twitch, where these awards may also be claimed.

Additionally, these rewards can be claimed on Twitch before being applied to the player’s Valorant account. Players should be aware that they must connect their Riot account to Twitch in order to claim their rewards. 

The Red Bull Campus Clutch Finals will be streamed live on Twitch, and viewers may tune in by following Red Bull’s official channels and those of other content creators. 

Generally speaking, in-game incentives that can be used and added to a player’s collection of stuff are a wonderful incentive to increase viewer numbers and guarantee that fans will watch the tournament, even from the comfort of their homes. And because they are tied to one-off events, the chances of receiving one of these bonuses in the future are slim to none.

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