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How to Unlock and Complete Sand Fishing in Dota 2: Crownfall Act 2

With the introduction of Crownfall Act 2, Sand Fishing was added to Dota 2. However, the Sand fishing quest is not available at first on the Deserts of Druud map. So let’s take a look and understand how you can unlock the Sand Fishing quest in Dota 2: Crownfall Act 2.

How to Unlock Sand Fishing in Dota 2?

Image Credits: GAMER ZONE via YouTube

To unlock Sand Fishing quest, you first need to complete the Oasis Fishing Quest at the bottom left of Deserts of Druud map. The Oasis Fishing Quest is similar to the fishing game from Act 1. Your aim here is to achieve a score of 10,000 which will reward you a Strange Spear Token.

Obtaining the Strange Spear Token will open up a path south of the Oasis Fishing Quest. You can now unlock the path to Sand Fishing Quest using the Strange Spear Token.

How to complete the Sand Fishing Quest?

Image Credits: GAMER ZONE via YouTube

Sand Fishing is very similar to the Oasis Fishing Quest. The only difference here is that you are using a spear to catch the fishes in sand. First you need to throw the spear accurately in the path of the fishes that are moving very fast. Throwing the spear directly on top of the fish won’t help you, so it is advised to aim a little ahead in the path of the fish.

Once you have speared a fish successfully, you now have to keep the fish icon in the green section. Sounds easy, right? But it’s not, the fish icon quickly moves up and down in the bar and you have to move the green section up and down to match the fish icon. The fish icon can change direction rapidly but the green section you are controlling does not have the same agility.

Sand Fishing Rewards

A challenging quest usually have something special rewarding on completion. But not Sand Fishing. The rewards here are considered to be very mediocre for the efforts you put into completing the Sand Fishing Quest. Here is a list rewards for completing Sand Fishing Quest:

  • 4000 Score: 1x Random Token
  • 7000 Score: 2x Random Token
  • 10000 Score: 3x Random Token

Clearly, this quest is not for the faint of heart. However, for some players there is nothing more satisfying than 100% completion. If that’s who you are then you should absolutely go for this quest.

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