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The Medium: The Troubled Man’s Notes collectibles guide

Bloober Team’s latest title, The Medium comes with plenty of collectibles for you to find and The Troubled Man’s notes happen to be one of them. Collect these notes to learn more about Thomas, the mysterious person who guides us throughout our journey. There are 17 of these notes to find throughout the game, fortunately they are easy enough to obtain.

  • Note 1: A Peaceful Place: After you burn the second skin sheet, head towards the room on the left and get the note from a box that’s on the right side of the room.
  • Note 2: To-Do List: Pick it up from the desk in Thomas’ office after your conversation with Sadness.
  • Note 3: Getting Stronger: Get to Thomas’ hidden darkroom and make your way to the back where the gibberish symbols are. The note can be found right on them.
  • Note 4: Fever Dreams: Turn right from the Dayroom’s entrance and look behind the pillar to go through a gate and pick up the note.
  • Note 5: Good Old Frank: Climb up the stairs after getting inside the hole, on your right, there will be a pile of trash on which the note is neatly placed for you to pick up.
  • Note 6: Something Broken: Go into the small hut near the Red House where the last echo is, the note will be on its right side.
  • Note 7: Demons: Inside the Red House, make your way to the room on the side where you’ll notice the note between two portraits. 
  • Note 8: A Different Kind of Sadness: Once again found inside the Red House but this time you will have to head to the basement also near the last echo.
  • Note 9: The Missing Piece: Also in the basement, move towards the screen and look left to pick up the note which is kept on furniture.
  • Note 10: Found a Way: From the furniture, go to the cellar which is on your right and you’ll find the note inside next to a security door. (Code: 1966)
  • Note 11: Separation: Found in the normal world, find it on the desk which is in the back of the room.
  • Note 12: A Relic of the Past: On the console in the pump control room
  • Note 13: A Thin Line: You’ll be forced to run away from the Maw once more but this time by shocking him, head into the corridor and find the note in the back of the room on your left.
  • Note 14: Just Me and Her: Look inside the kitchen.
  • Note 15: Keeping Distance: In the living room, you’ll find the note on the ride side.
  • Note 16: Business Card: In the same room as the last note (the living room).
  • Note 17: Alone: On butterfly’s table when you’re inside Lily’s room.

The Medium is available on PC (Steam, EGS, GOG) and Xbox Series S|X.

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