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Teamfight Tactics Carousel Rounds Guide

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Carousel round is basically TFT’s share draft round where you see little creatures running around dragging champs and items around while everybody else spins in a circle. It may sound confusing but don’t worry, we are here to help you figure out what you should be picking and make the most out of your carousel rounds.

The Starting Carousel Round

In the beginning, everyone starts with nothing. There are some important things you should be aiming for: Go for 2 cost units unless you can get a “Recurve Bow” out of a single cost unit. Another reason to select a single cost unit could be whether the remaining 2 cost units have bad items on them (Negatron Cloak & Chain Vests). In that case, go for any 2 cost unit with a decent item.

This is how you should prioritize items in the very first carousel round:

  1. Recurve Bow
  2. Spatula
  3. Tear of the Goddess
  4. Needlessly Large Rod
  5. B.F. Sword
  6. Giant’s Belt
  7. Negatron Cloak
  8. Chain Vest

These are the items you should make and their impact in early/later stages of the game:

Statikk Shiv: Best for Vayne, Tristana, Nidalee and Lucian. An early game item which is better than Rage Blade although a bit weak late game.

Rageblade: Good on Nidalee, Tritana and even Vayne.

Bloodthirster: Amazing item to build when you already have a carry like Nidalee or Vayne with an attack speed item.

Spear of Shojin: Can be used early on Ahri or any spell based carry. Late game, it’s good for assassins, caster builds and even for Ashe.

Rapid Firecannon: A must-have on a 3-star Nidalee

Rabadon’s Deathcap: Only make it if you already have a Spear of Shojin on a champion like Ahri.

Later Carousel Rounds

Your objectives should alter in the later shared draft rounds as you start to finalize your composition. There can be a relief to be first and not have to worry about choosing so much, but that’s the point of this guide: to help you take the best choices & make the right decisions. Let’s break them down:

Carousel Round 2:

During this draft, you are probably still looking for the right items to complete your first set of basic components. This is essential for making the combination of items you need in order to make your composition strong.

Carousel Round 3:

This is where it gets interesting. Key 4 cost champions like Brand, Draven and Aurelion Sol enter the shop. Sometimes a legendary champion will show up, and in very rare cases a completed item will come with a champion.

You will have to use everything but you need to make the right decision:

  • High value completed item and do you have a chance to get it?
  • Building towards a strong team composition
  • Still, need a Recurve Bow?
  • Just make sure that you don’t buy a wrong item on a champion that is your main carry and going to dish out the maximum damage. This will definitely reduce the number of slots available to you by 1.

Carousel Round 4 and Onward:

By this time you would have already made a decent run into the match & have a good idea of what you want to do ahead. Prioritize what you need, but if you don’t see anything you want, denying your opponent with resources is always a good play.

For example, taking away a player’s Kayle if they are building a noble can be a much better choice than making yourself stronger since you will be facing that player sooner or later anyway.

Final Words

Hopefully, this will save you from getting overwhelmed the next time a shared draft pops up. We really hope that this guide helps you get an edge over the competition 🙂

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