PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia Day 2 Recap

The first PUBG Mobile league is off to a cracking start and the game is just picking pace yet.

All 5 matches of Day 2, Week 1 of PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia have come to an end. The first 3 matches were played between groups A, C, D, E and in the remaining 2 matches, Group A took an exit and Group B entered the game. Below are the map picks and respective winners:

MatchMapWinning Squad

Top Players

Overall Standings

pos 1-10
pos 11-20

Stories of the day

  • TSM Entity crashes out of game 1 at 12th rank following a technical glitch
  • UMumba becomes the first team to bag 2 chicken dinners
  • Team Soul’s Mortal had more viewers on his stream at 35k as compared to the official stream at 20k
  • The stream’s chat got filled with hate comments after Team Soul’s early exits in 2 consecutive matches. “Sixless” got mentioned quite a few times
  • Game 3’s stream got lagged mid-game although production was quick with the recovery
  • UMumba chased down on TSM Entity and closed the gap with every passing match to finally overtake them and take the rank 1 spot
  • The top 10 teams are all Indian squads and the struggle of South Asian teams is clearly visible. Team Xtreme looks like the most promising SA squad who bagged 47 points in just 2 matches
  • The points difference between the first and last squad now stands at 125 points after merely 10 matches. It is the highest gap ever seen in any PUBG Mobile event
  • Orange Rock got their game together after a disappointing day 1 and now sit at the number 5 spot
  • UMumba brags the highest placement points with a consistent top 7 finish in almost every match

Day 3 of PUBG Mobile Pro League begins tomorrow at 5.30 pm as the battle for the top 5 spots alongside a massive chunk of the $200,000 prize pool continues. 10 more matches remain for this week and it will be exciting to see day 3 with the battle heating up for the top spots on the table.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

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