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How to upgrade your Operation Broken Fang coin?

Here is a guide on how to upgrade your operation broken fang coin.


After over a year and long stretches of prodding, Valve has shown up with its brand new operation, “Broken Fang” Its arrival marks the 10th operation in the history of CS:GO and is said to be the best one till now. CS:GO finally showed up with something more than worthy enough to grind and enjoy since a part of its player base made the switch to Riot’s Valorant. You can get the Operation Broken Fang Pass from the Official CS:GO in-game store and from Steam Market as well. It will cost you around 1,140 INR / $15.5 USD. Are you wondering how to upgrade your Operation Broken Fang coin?

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This operation will have its weekly missions set up by the CS:GO developers every week like the Operation Shattered Web who had been the predecessor until now. Broken Fang will last for 16 weeks long with a plethora of missions to be grinded off followed by some exciting in-game rewards up for grabs. It’s not at all mandatory to buy the Operation Broken Fang battle pass to complete the missions, but you would need it to get all of the in-game rewards. All of your mission progress will be taken into consideration once you get it from the store.

Let’s talk about how you will upgrade the coin once purchased? Every coin holder starts from bronze at the start and ends with upgrading it until diamond. Just like its predecessor, you will have to play the game, complete the missions, and earn enough XP points. Here the XP points would be your Operation stars which are gained after every mission success and here’s the step-by-step upgrade criteria.

How to upgrade Operation Broken Fang Coin

  • You unlock the bronze tier on purchase
  • 33 stars will redeem the SIlver tier
  • Gold tier unlocks at 66 stars
  • 100 tiers will get you to the ultimate and final destination, the Diamond tier.

You also stand a chance to use those stars to get some exclusive in-game battle pass content. 

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