Fortnite has launched the new batch of weekly challenges in its Chapter 2 Season 4. In this season, instead of launching weekly challenges, they have launched XP Extravaganza challenges. You can earn a lot of XP rewards to level up Battle Pass with these challenges. You will get a lot of tasks to complete even in the fourth week of challenges. The Week 4 XP Extravaganza challenges are live on all the platforms where Fortnite is available.

Among all those tasks, the releasing Slurp into the Atmosphere challenge is quite popular. Although it’s not that hard, tracking the Slurp sources from numerous locations sometimes becomes a pain in the arse. Well, we have got your back. Keep reading to know how to release Slurp into the atmosphere.

How to release Slurp into the atmosphere?

Once you get into the challenge, you need to make your way to the Slurpy Swamp to break the three Slurp barrels. Only three Slurp barrels will count at a given source. Therefore, you need to find more sources to break more barrels. Once you are done, move outside of the Slurpy Swamp to find a bunch of Slurp containers. Now you have to take out your harvesting tool to destroy any one of those containers.

After that, you have to look out for the Slurp truck that is going to be the next source of that challenge. You can find a Slurp truck near the Red Metal Bridge that is located towards the south of Doom’s Domain. Once you find out the Slurp truck, destroy the Slurp tank using your harvesting tools. Woohoo! The challenge is complete!

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