How To Get The Spider-Man Zero Outfit In Fortnite Latest Season

A new Spider-Man Zero outfit and bundle is soon going to make its way to Fortnite. Unlike the previous Spider-Man outfit that was available in the Season 1 battle pass, the upcoming Spider-Man Zero isn’t part of the battle pass, nor it will be available via timed constraint challenges. 

As part of Epic’s collaboration with Marvel Comics to bring a new iteration of its ongoing Zero War comic series called Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War, fans of the comic book series will be able to claim a special outfit with the purchase of each issue of the comic series. It’s a five-issue comic series with the first issue releasing today (i.e. 8th June) that will include a code for the Spider-Man Zero outfit bundle. 

To buy the  Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War comics, simply visit the nearest comic book store or log on to Marvel Comics app or Marvel Unlimited app to purchase the comic digitally. Once your purchase is successful you will the code for the Spider-Man Zero outfit bundle inside the comic which you can redeem at the official site

For those not interested in buying the comic, the Spider-Man Zero outfit bundle will be available at Fortnite’s item shop later. Epic has yet to reveal the release date for this bundle, but as per rumors, the bundle will arrive at the item shop on 17th June. 

Now for the main information that was confirmed via data-mining. The Spider-Man Zero bundle will consist of four items i.e.

  1. Spider-Man Zero Outfit
  2. Backbling
  3. Pickaxe
  4. Emote

While the cost of the bundle is still unknown, players can expect the usual 1800-2600 V-bucks price for a collaboration bundle.