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How to Get Popcorn Medal in COD Mobile?

The Popcorn Medal is a distinctive reward that many players are eager to acquire. This article will provide an in-depth look at what the Popcorn Medal is, how to earn it, and its significance in enhancing your gaming experience.

The Popcorn Medal is a unique multiplayer medal in COD: Mobile, symbolizing proficiency and strategic gameplay. It is earned by achieving multiple kills with a single grenade, a feat that requires precision and timing. This medal is not just a symbol of accomplishment but is also tied to various seasonal and daily challenge rewards, making it a sought-after achievement among players.

How to Get Popcorn Medal in COD Mobile?

To unlock the Popcorn Medal, players need to equip a grenade in their Lethal Equipment loadout and aim to get two or more kills using a single grenade in any multiplayer match. This medal cannot be earned in Battle Royale or Zombies game modes, so focusing on multiplayer matches, particularly Domination mode, is key to acquiring this medal efficiently.

The Popcorn Medal plays a crucial role in completing specific seasonal and daily challenges in the Events section of COD: Mobile. Earning this medal allows players to unlock various rewards, enhancing their gameplay and providing additional incentives to master the use of grenades in multiplayer matches.

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