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Sid Voices Concern Over Hacking Issue in BGMI, Calls for Action

Siddhant “Sid” Joshi, the manager of the popular Indian Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) team – Team SouL, recently voiced his growing concerns regarding the rise of cheating, also referred to as hacking, in the game. Sid shed light on the ongoing issues of hacking and the lack of effective anti-cheat measures in BGMI, raising important questions about the integrity of competitive gaming in India.

Sid Voices Concern Over Hacking Issue in BGMI

Cheating, also referred to as hacking, has become an increasingly troubling issue in the BGMI community. Multiple instances of accusations and evidence have emerged during the ongoing Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023. Players and teams have accused other players and teams of hacking, and clips supporting these claims have surfaced on various platforms.

Sid started by sharing a thought that had recently occurred to him regarding hacking in BGMI. He explained that BGMI does not have a reliable anti-cheat system, and a few players are hacking clearly and still are not getting banned. He added that he had seen some BGIS 2023 clips where the accused is clearly hacking. Sharing his thoughts, Sid said, “My thought was, what if someday all T1 players decide to use cheats?”

Sid suggested that, given the current state of affairs, there might be little to deter them. Sid argued that the lack of action against cheaters could lead to a situation where even renowned players like Team SouL’s Harsh “Goblin” Paudwal could potentially use cheats without raising suspicion. “No one is going to doubt him, because he’s that good even without hacking. It will completely mess up the game,” he added.

“This thought occurred to me because there have been a few clips from BGMI where you can clearly see shit going down. You can clearly see aim tracing and bullets going through walls clearly. You don’t need POV and there won’t be any explanation for it, but there is no action being taken,” Sid said.

Sid Calls for Immediate Action to Resolve Hacking Issue in BGMI

Sid emphasized the urgency of addressing the hacking issue in BGMI. He expressed concern that rampant hacking could have a devastating impact on the game, its entertainment value, and the prospects of underdog teams in tournaments. He called on game officials and Krafton, the company behind BGMI, to take swift action to combat hacking. “Some players are doing it blatantly, and I don’t know when officials will look into it. Just imagine, what is stopping a T1 player from using these hacks. Tell me. Why should a T1 player not do it? Most of them are getting f***ed by hackers. So many good teams have gotten eliminated because of hackers,” he added.

Sid noted that most of the T1 players will not resort to hacking because of ethics or the chance of a lifetime ban. “But I’m just saying what is stopping them? They won’t be afraid of anything, no one is getting banned or caught. It is even safe for them because no one would even doubt them. I was just thinking how the game is ruining because of it,” he added.

Sid Explains Why Krafton Can’t Ban Players Based on Video Clips

Sid acknowledged that banning players solely based on video clips of suspicious gameplay poses challenges. He added that an anti-cheat system is necessary to ban players for hacking. He drew a parallel with Valorant, a game with a robust anti-cheat system that swiftly punishes hackers. “There are a few Valorant players, whose clips if you see with their name hidden, you will think that they are hackers because his aim is snapping or how did he know that I was here. But this does not happen in Valorant because it has a strong anti-cheat system. If you hack, you will get banned 101%. So you can’t ban anyone on the basis of clips, it doesn’t matter how suspicious it looks,” he added.

As hacking allegations and concerns continue to grow in the BGMI community, Sid’s statements have brought the issue to the forefront. The need for a robust anti-cheat system is evident, as the integrity of competitive gaming in BGMI hangs in the balance. It will be interesting to see what actions Krafton will take to solve this plaguing issue.

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