How to get M1887 One Punch Man skin in Free Fire

Free Fire has added yet another gun skin to the One Punch Man collection and this time, the M1887 One Punch Man themed skin is added to a special spin event in-game. This event is slightly changed but ultimately, players just have to spin the wheel and get special tokens to unlock special prizes, including the M1887 skin.

Free Fire is well known for its in-game skin range and with each new event or collaboration, the game adds more and more skins to its arsenal. They are very lucrative and one can only access them through specific events for a short period of time.

Recently, Free Fire collaborated with a famous anime series named ‘One Punch Man’ and as a result, many themed items from the series made its way into this game.

Steps to get M1887 One Punch Man Shotgun skin in Free Fire

The One Punch Man M1887 Shotgun skin is available under a special spin section. One has to spin the wheel to unlock the red fist tokens. After collecting a total of five, players can swap them with the special rewards like this new skin. You can follow these steps to unlock the skin.

  • Go to the Calendar tab and click on the ‘M1887 – One Punch Man’ banner.
  • Click on ‘Go TO’ and you will be redirected to a special minigame.
  • Here, players have to spin the wheel until they unlock the special fist coupons.
  • After unlocking these fist tokens for five times, players can use it to unlock the M1887 – One Punch Man skin.

Remember that the spin event is completely random and hence, it might cost you a hefty amount of diamonds to complete the spin and then unlock the skin. This spin event is quite different than the normal rolls because players have to invest to unlock a single token, which will be used to get the Shotgun skin. Try your luck at the spin and unlock the skin.

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