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How to get infinite money in Need for Speed Unbound Easily

Need For Speed Unbound is simple: win races, generate money, and buy new cars to win more races. etc. However, if you’re weary of the slog and want cash or a cool car to race right away, there’s an exploit.

Only races featuring a cutscene work for this Need For Speed Unbound money glitch, which uses the game’s save system. If you want to generate money, act quickly because it may be patched soon.

In Need for Speed Unbound’s money glitch, the cops can’t enter or investigate, therefore you lose them quickly. You get paid for evading law enforcement, to the tune of roughly $2,500.

The amount may not seem like much, but it can be doubled with some improvements. Also, I didn’t mention this, but your earnings increase as the temperature rises. So, go out and break as many rules as possible (within the confines of the game, of course).

There isn’t much complexity involved. The aforementioned image depicts Lakeshore City’s official map. You’ll discover a paved area under a bridge next to the water once you get there. You should take cover there, just like in the second image on the slider.

We all know how tiresome waiting can be, so turning off your engine will help the police give up their pursuit sooner. You can save yourself a handful of 10-15 seconds by turning it off every time.

When you’re buried here, no police car or helicopter will ever find you. Law enforcement NPCs cannot enter this area under any circumstances. It’s not known if this is the only location where this has happened. This, however, appears to be your preferred method of rapid heat loss at the present time.

Despite the fact that $2,500 isn’t a lot, I’m experiencing financial difficulties due to a bug in NFS Unbound. However, this is merely the beginning. Do you recall me mentioning that making the appropriate upgrades may double your income? So, this is it.

You should get the “Getaway Driver” auxiliary super component if you want to increase your earnings from eluding law enforcement by a factor of two. In other words, every time the temperature drops below a certain threshold, you will now receive $5,000 rather than the usual $2,000.

Super parts can only be bought after upgrading your garage. The cost to remodel your garage to my standards would be roughly $50,000. And you should do it sooner rather than later in the game because you know you will.

The super component known as the “Getaway Driver” will run roughly $35,000, bringing the grand amount to approximately $85,000. And if you don’t have the garage improvement, that’s how much you’ll need to spend as a baseline to acquire that supplementary item.


Using the “Getaway Driver” component of the game in conjunction with the money glitch in Need for Speed Unbound is an excellent way to quickly rack up a significant amount of cash. You are free to use this exploit to claw your way back up from a financial hole caused by getting busted or losing races at any time.

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