How To Get Fortnite Tech Future Pack?

Fortnite Tech Future Pack

The Tech Future Pack is the latest cosmetics bundle that gives a brand new cyber-enhanced look to some of Fortnite‘s outfits. The bundle comes with nine cosmetics, including the likes of Neuralynx Outfit and Lucky 8’s Pickaxe, and will be available for purchase from November 23. 

Below are all the cosmetics: 

  • Neural-Scratch Claws Back Bling
  • Lucky 8’s Pickaxe
  • Tech Plate 8 Back Bling
  • Neuralynx Outfit
  • CRZ-8 Outfit
  • Neural-Scratch Claws Pickaxe
  • Nanatech Blade Back Bling
  • P33LY Outfit
  • Nanatech Blade Pickaxe

All of these items are only available for purchase as a complete bundle and cannot be purchased separately from the store. The Tech Future Pack can be purchased from the Fortnite Item Shop for $17.99. For more intel on Prop Hunt Codes in Fortnite, check out our Fortnite Prop Hunt Codes.