How to get Emeralds in Minecraft

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Minecraft’s in-game currency Emeralds are used to exchange various items to craft specific items. Follow this guide to know how to obtain it.

Other than mining, trading with villagers despite the fact you can obtain them from mining. Mining is time consuming and un-satisfactory as Emerald spawns are rare while melting the ore down give one Emerald. To trade with NPC villagers look for a villages that wants the item. Make sure you have the item before making the trade, thereby you can exchange it for Emeralds.

Another way to look for Emeralds is by exploring various game locations especially dungeons. Locations where it can be found are:

  • Ruins
  • Villages
  • Igloos
  • Shipwrecks
  • Temples ( Jungle, or Desert)
  • End Cities

Lastly, using an weapon with looting enchantment to killing and farming vindicators and evokers is one way around. Upgrading the enchantment to looting III increases the Emeralds drops from one to four, look for them in raids, woodland mansions and in dark forest biomes. 4 Emeralds per kill is a fair trade, and the hardwork involved in it is handsomely rewarded.

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