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How to get Brutal Medal in COD Mobile

COD Mobile has changed its lineup of seasonal events and with the arrival of latest Season 12, the events have changed as well. The older events have been replaced by newer events and Total Savage is the hardest event that has been introduced for this season. The last mission in this event is to get the Brutal Medal three times and it is very hard to do so, but here are some tips and methods to help you earn the medal in COD Mobile.

Total Savage event Details

Total Savage is the one of the seasonal events that was introduced with the new update. This event does not offer any lucrative rewards but somehow, the difficulty level of tasks for such a punitive reward is very high. Each seasonal task usually offers a permanent gun, item or something new that is added with the update but this time, Total Savage only offers a Gun Rattler calling card.

The event is still is hit among the COD Mobile players due to the fact that the missions challenge players to push themselves to new levels and each new task is harder than the prior one. The last task is to earn Brutal medal thrice in MP match and it is extremely difficult to complete.

How To Get Brutal Medal in COD Mobile

Tips to earn Brutal Medal in COD Mobile

Brutal Medal is awarded to a player who can kill 25 enemies in a row without dying. This task is very hard to complete even once and doing it three times is a big challenge. Even though it is hard, it is not practically impossible and here are a few tips you can use to earn the medal easily as compared to normal methods.

The first thing to keep in mind is that survival is of utmost importance and hence, positioning matters a lot and over comitting in a fight will ruin the entire process. The basic plan is to somehow earn 20 kills and then use the Nuke to kill five enemies in a row to earn the medal. Follow these tips to get those 20 kills relatively easily.

  • Use your favorite gun and set the perks to Vulture, Persistence and Hardline. These perks will allow the players to have high amount of ammunition and high chances at survival.
  • Play the Hardline mode and take your War Machine as your Operator. This operator is basically a missile blaster and players can earn easy kills with it.
  • Use scorestreaks like Sentry Gun and VTOL to earn kills as fast as you can.
  • Survival is the main job and hence, play defensive and reach the 20 kills mark and then earn the Nuke.

Follow these tips to get the medal and continue the method in three matches to earn the medal thrice to complete the task. Although it is very hard to complete, we hope these tips will help you to earn the medal very easily.

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