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How To Get Backstabber Medal in COD Mobile

Use this simple method to earn backstabber medal in COD Mobile very easily.

Call of Duty: Mobile is back with its regular set of seasonal events. These events are shuffled every season and new guns and utilities that are introduced in COD Mobile are usually added to this category. Small Arms is the new seasonal event in COD Mobile and one of the missions is to get the backstabber medal three times. Here is a simple method to do so.

What Is Small Arms Event In COD Mobile?

Small Arms is the new seasonal event where players need to complete a set of tasks to redeem the new .50 GS pistol and a ton of EXP points. The event is specifically designed in such a way that players need to use their secondary weapon in various ways to complete the tasks. Tasks at the start of this event are very simple and even though the difficulty level rises a little bit, pretty much each one of them is self-explanatory.

Players are still having difficulties while completing a simple task in which each user has to earn Backstabber medal three times in a single match. Those who have the knowledge of how the medals are awarded can easily complete the task but if you are unaware about it, here is how you can complete the mission.

How To Get Backstabber Medal in COD Mobile – Small Arms Event 26 Nov 2020

Steps to earn Backstabber Medal in COD Mobile

Backstabber medal is awarded when a player kills the enemy from behind. The medal is also earnt only if you stab or slash the enemy’s back, which means that a melee weapon is absolutely necessary to complete the task. Follow these steps to complete mission easily.

  • Go to Multiplayer and enter the loadout section.
  • Select any loadout you like and click on the secondary weapon slot. Equip a simple knife or any other melee weapon of your choice.
  • Start a match in any mode you like and stealthily position yourself is such a way that enemy can pass by your side without noticing you.
  • Once a enemy passes you, close the gap and kill them from behind and you will earn the medal.
  • Repeat the process three times to earn the medal thrice and complete the task.

This is the simplest method to complete this task. Players who like some action can even challenge their enemies for a gun versus knife fight and use their skills to get behind the enemy player and kill them. Use whichever method you may prefer but complete the task to get your hand on the new pistol as early as you can.

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