How to get Apex Legends Pride Badge

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Apex Legends is giving away pride badges as a free login reward for everyone to celebrate the Pride month.

The Pride month i.e. the month of June celebrates the importance of LGBQ+ representation. The pride colors can be seen all over the corporate culture for this month as a measure to reduce the gap and discrimination the members of the community have faced over the years.

As a way to show their support towards the movement, Respawn has introduced the Pride Badge that dons the color scheme of the Pride Flag put up in 2018. A black and brown strip has been integrated that represents the people of color; a way of showing their active support towards the “Black Lives Matter” movement at the same time.

Respawn has actively been in favor of causes helping the minor groups. From supporting political movements like “Black Lives Matter” to “StopAsianHate”, to non-political movements like helping the LGBTQ+ community get adequate representation. As a matter of fact, five of the legends in Apex Legends hails from the LGBTQ+ community, a few of them were there since the game’s early days.

The social problems surrounding transgenders can be solved by making the adults of tomorrow aware of the situation. Most of the Apex players are on the younger side and with a proper way to spread awareness, the hate and discrimination against all minority groups will be reduced over time.

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