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How to Get an AK-47 in Starfield?

In the vast cosmos of Starfield, players are not just voyagers but also collectors of unique weaponry. Among the arsenal, the AK-47, known as the Old Earth Assault Rifle in the Settled Systems, stands out as a testament to Earth’s engineering prowess. This guide will walk you through the steps to acquire this iconic firearm.

The AK-47, a relic from Earth, has found its place among the stars. Despite the availability of futuristic laser weapons and advanced assault rifles, the Old Earth Assault Rifle remains a favorite for many due to its reliability and raw power. Its presence in Starfield’s weapon stores is a nod to its enduring legacy.

How to Get an AK-47 in Starfield?

For those eager to add the AK-47 to their collection, the weapon starts appearing in vendor inventories around player level 10. While it can be found on various planets, players have a higher chance of securing one on rustic planets like Akila in the Cheyenne system. Akila City, with its western-inspired ambiance, houses two gun stores, Roland Arms and Laredo Firearms, both likely to stock the Old Earth Assault Rifle.

For the more adventurous (or those low on credits), there’s an alternative route. The Poriima system, located near Cheyenne and Akila City, is home to the ECS Constant, a colony ship still using Old Earth weapons. On boarding the ship, players can head to the armory, where they’ll find a range of Old Earth weapons, including the coveted AK-47. However, caution is advised as taking this stealthy approach might have its consequences.

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