How to get Akimbo Weapon in COD Mobile

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COD Mobile in their latest update have unveiled the most powerful handgun, namely the .50 GS (CoDM is calling Akimbo the .50 GS. This is because of licensing issues with the other studios associated with COD) through its Small Arms Seasonal event. Similar to the Deagle in other games, the .50 is a powerful handgun, dealing around 76 points of damage with low recoil but low fire rate as well.

The “Small Arms” challenge, which has 8 different stages, unlocks the powerful handgun after the 7th one. Apart from this challenge, the event, which ends on December 17, will also sport some avatars, skins and XP to be won.

How To Get .50 GS in COD Mobile

How To Get Akimbo in COD Mobile

The 7 stages to complete before getting the hands on this powerful gun are:

Stage 1: Kill 5 enemies with Melee Attacks.

Stage 2: Kill 10 enemies with Pistols in MP matches.

Stage 3:Kill 10 Enemies with Quick Fix perk equipped.

Stage 4: Kill 20 Enemies with J358 in MP matches equipped with any laser.

Stage 5: Kill 20 enemies with J358 in MP matches equipped with any 3 attachments.

Stage 6: Earn Back Stabber Medal 3 times.

Stage 7: Kill 20 Enemies with Headshots using any Pistol.

Note: All these stages need to be completed in order to get the hands on the 0.50 GS.

Best Gunsmith build for the .50 GS in COD Mobile

  • Muzzle- MIP Light Flash Guard
  • Perk- Akimbo
  • Laser- MIP Laser 5mW
  • Trigger Action- Lightweight Trigger
  • Ammunition- Large Extended Mag B
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