How to Fix COD Mobile’s Authorization error on Android

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Call of Duty: Mobile is quite often plagued with issues and bugs despite being out of Beta for quite a while, the authorization error (code 5,1401,1200) is a commonly occurring and pesky issue that is even acknowledged by the developers themselves and could be due to multiple reasons such as:

  • Server issues.
  • Incorrect login details.
  • Using an older version of the game.
  • Using a banned account.
  • Unstable internet 
  • Try Clearing the game’s cache files:

Going to your settings > app info and clearing cache & storage data will wipe all your login credentials as well as locally stored maps, skins, etc.

  • Check your internet connection: An unstable connection could be preventing you from logging into the game, restarting your router can fix this issue. If you’re on WiFi, try forwarding your ports in your Router’s settings to

TCP 10012, 65010, 65050 

UDP 7500, 7774, 20002

  • Reinstall/ Update the game: If the previous two options fail, you can always re-download COD: Mobile from the Play Store on your device or check for any pending updates by going to “My Apps & Games” in the Play Store.
  • Use a VPN: Sometimes using a VPN might fix the issue as it lets you switch to a different server or region depending on the location you’re connected to. While any Free VPN should do the trick, we’d recommend using a premium VPN such as Nord, Proton, ExpressVPN, or Private Internet Access as their servers offer better speeds and lower latency in comparison. Be sure to connect to a region that’s the closest to your location for a stable experience.

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