overwatch patch notes

Initially, Blizzard had no plans to bring crossplay to Overwatch as it could cause “balancing” issues but in a surprising turn of events, Overwatch is finally getting crossplay, and all players, regardless of the platform they’re playing on, can now match with each other. Players who set up crossplay and login to the game before 31 December 2021 will get a golden loot box to celebrate the huge addition to the game. This also means that Overwatch 2 will definitely get crossplay for both its PvE and PvP modes.

How to enable crossplay on consoles?

With the crossplay beta update on the horizon, here’s how you can enable crossplay on your account.

  • Sign up on Battle.net
  • Go to your Account Settings.
  • Click on Connections and login to your console (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo) account.

Once the crossplay update launches, follow these steps: (Console only)

  • Launch Overwatch.
  • Note down the serial number or scan the QR code that’s on your screen.
  • The serial number must be entered here.
  • Login to your Battle.net account once you’ve entered the serial number or scanned the QR code successfully to link your console with your Battlenet account.

PC users won’t have to take any additional steps as crossplay will be enabled for them by default.

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