How to Earn Long Shot Medal in COD Mobile

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Call of Duty: Mobile is the multiplayer and battle-royale game which adds accumulates several parts of Call of Duty franchise into one mobile game. The game recently completed one year and to celebrate this landmark, the game released a big update and launched various events in-game. Long Shot Medal collection in COD: Mobile is a seasonal task which can is relatively hard to complete but here is an easy solution to earn the medal.

Long Shot Medal is awarded to a player when they snipe or kill someone from a long distance. It is a common perception that only snipers can get awarded with this medal but that is not the case. It is very easy to earn this medal by doing a simple tweak in loadout.

Long Shot Medal in COD Mobile

How to earn Long Shot Medal in Call Of Duty Mobile –

Long Shot Medal is a reward for long distance kill in multiplayer mode matches. You can earn this medal by using a sniper but to keep it simple, you can customise your assault rifle to grant you easy medals. An ongoing seasonal event requires players to earn 5 long shot medals in a game and here is how you can do it.

Long shot medal cod mobile
Screengrab via Wisdom Frost YT

Steps to earn Long Shot Medal in COD Mobile:

  • Go to the loadout section and select any assault rifle of your choice. We recommend you to select a more stable gun like M4 or ICR for best results.
  • Go to customise and tap on perks. Now swipe the menu and select “Long Shot”.
  • Add other attachments to your gun that will enhance the stability and range.
  • Now select any map, but a long range map like Crossfire would be more preferable.
  • After entering the match, select a position to hold through which you can spot and kill enemies at a long distance. Don’t forget to select the gun which has Long Shot perk attached to it.
  • After you land a long range kill, it will award you will Long Shot medal. Continue this process until you earn five medals.
  • After earning the medals and completing the match, you can go to Events section and select Seasonal. Tap on the Elite Marksmanship section and you can see that the mission is completed.

This is the simplest method to earn the Long Shot medals without wasting much time and energy. The rewards which are offered at the end of this mission is also very alluring so make sure to complete these tasks and grab those sweet gifts.

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