Fortnite Bragging Rights Tournament

Since the dawn of Fortnite, players had been repeatedly demanding an option to disable the pre-edits feature in the battle royale. After the latest 15.20 update, it seems like Epic Games has finally listened to the fan base as an in-game setting has been implemented by the devs that enables players to turn off the feature. 

The pre-edits feature lets players edit and set different builds for in-game structure, which, according to many avid Fortnite fans, does more harm than good in the heat of battle.  This is why the Fortnite player base is now delighted at the newest addition to the title that let’s them disable it at will. 

How to disable pre-edits in Fortnite

Turning on the new “Disable Pre-Edits” option means that structures can no longer be edited until they are placed. To disable pre-edits in Fortnite, simply follow the steps below:

  • Launch Fortnite
  • Once you’re in the main menu, go to the ‘Settings’ tab
  • Head over to the “Building” section
  • Turn the “Disable Pre-Edit Option” on.

That’s all you need to do in order to disable the pre-edits feature in Fortnite.