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How To Complete Bounties In Fortnite Season 5 To Earn Gold Bars?

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 brings weekly challenges and hidden NPCs all around the map. The addition of NPCs raised a few questions, but they are present for good reason, as Fortnite introduces a new way to hand out quests.

How to complete bounties?

Look for an NPC on the map, a small speech bubble should appear guiding you to the nearest one. Upon finding one interact with it. An interaction with them will offer you quests like eliminating a certain player, scoring takedowns, visiting POIs.

If you pick up a quest of eliminating a player, the game will offer you a picture along with a marker on the player to help you track him down in the given time. Once you are tasked with eliminating a player, the game will notify your prey as well making it much harder. Completing such quests will reward you with gold bars.

On the off chance that a NPC does not offer any Fortnite bounties, look for another NPC on the map. NPC are in abundance, there by making it easy for you to find one if things doesn’t go as you hoped with the former. They are spread all over the map, across the entirety of the island so its nothing to worry about.

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