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Genshin Impact 1.2 Update Release Date & Time

miHoYo keeps pleasing the millions of Genshin Impact fans around the world with constant updates that keep them engaged. With the upcoming conclusion of Update 1.1, rumors and leaks building up to the 1.2 updates are enough to build hype among the fans.

New Features and QoL:” according to the reddit thread.

  • The biggest and most important feature of the update is the reputation system. Each region will have its own reputation level with its own special rewards. Your rep level will increase as you explore, do side quests in the region, and do the new “bounties” and “requests” which we have no info on as of yet. To help track exploration your map will also have completion percentages per area of the map. Increasing your rep will unlock various features and benefits, profile cards, new cooking recipes, blacksmithing/alchemy recipes for brand new items listed in the later item section, and for Mondstadt reaching level 8 gives you a new glider skin! I think this new system will add quite a bit more new content for people as they try to max out their rep for each region. For the people who are asking whether this’ll be retroactive, your current exploration percentage is already being tracked what with your collected chests and oculi, and the quests you’ve already completed will obviously count towards the reputation system as well.
  • The ability to lock weapons and artifacts so you don’t accidentally trash them.
  • A compendium allowing you to view info on flora and fauna within Teyvat.
  • A camera lock setting so it stops automatically zooming or rotating itself.
  • Excess EXP overflow when leveling weapons will be translated into ore if possible instead of completely wasted.
  • Characters on expeditions will no longer be unavailable for use in the party.
  • Ability to store your daily resin as Condensed Resin. This way, if you don’t want to play one day you can log on and store your resin to be used later. You can also now spend 40 resin within domains to get double rewards, meaning you only need to do 3 runs to use all your resin up instead of playing it 6 whole times.
  • Sadly, I’ve found no proof of a way to change the Traveler’s element without going to a Statue of the Seven :<

When Does It Drop?

Genshin Impact 1.2 Update Time

None of the leaks surrounding the 1.2 update so far can confirm its contents. The Genshin Impact’s 1.2 update drops on December 23rd, 2020 for the entire world.

The nature of the game needs the developer to constantly push updates to continue with the story mode. There are not many details available concerning the contents of the 1.2 update, however, the game will soon drop it clearing the fog around any doubts the players have on the game.

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