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How to complete Blueprint Blitz Event in Warzone?

The Blueprint Blitz event is already live on COD Warzone. Players have only three days to complete the event. Let’s check out how to complete the event before Monday.

List of Blueprints in Blueprint Blitz Event

  • Teal Drop, Pistol
  • Renegade Ranger, M16
  • Military Green, M16
  • Frozen Chosen, M82
  • Noxious, RPD
  • Aggressor, Type 63
  • Fluid Dynamics, KAR98
  • Mud Drauber, MP7
  • Pumpkin Punisher, Grau
  • Grey Matter, Tundra
  • Hazardous, Krig

How to collect Blueprints?

Between Blood Money and Battle Royale modes choose Blood Money to collect the Blueprints as you won’t get eliminated. Every match will provide you one blueprint and you need a total of 11 matches to complete the quest.

Sign a preferred contract and finish it. Once you finish it successfully, you will receive a blue Contraband Case. After picking up the case, run towards the extraction zone and call for the chopper. Extracting the Contraband Case will complete a Bluprint Blitz mission.

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