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How the money is divided in CS:GO competitive

The money system is a gameplay equipment offered in the Counter-Strike arrangement. Players begin a match with a defined sum (normally $800 however can be changed into about any value), and will get all the more as the match goes ahead, with the most extreme sum a player can have set to $16000.


The most important aspect of the game which is the decisive mechanism in the game should be very well memorized and understood by not only professionals but also casual competitive players or semi-professionals.

  • All submachine guns award $600 in Competitive, except the P90 which awards $300 per kill.
  • All shotguns award $900 in Competitive, except the XM1014 which awards $450 per kill.
  • Knife awards $1500 in Competitive.
  • All Pistols award $300 in Competitive , except the CZ75-Auto which awards $100 per kill.
  • All Rifles award $300 in Competitive and $150 in Casual per kill, except the AWP which awards $100 in Competitive and $50 in Casual per kill.HERE’S THE COMPLETE LIST OF ALL THE WEAPONRY ITEMS AND USABLE EQUIPMENTS IN COUNTER STRIKE: GLOBAL OFFENSIVE COMPETITIVE.Number in buymenu Name of weapon (T only/CT only) Killreward
    ### 1 – Pistols
    #1 Glock-18 $300
    #1 P2000 $300
    #1 USP-S $300
    #2 Dual Berettas $300
    #3 P250 $300
    #4 Tec-9 $300
    #4 Five-SeveN $300
    #4 CZ75-Auto $100
    #5 Desert Eagle $300
    ### 2 – Heavy
    #1 Nova $900
    #2 XM1014 $900
    #3 Sawed-Off $900
    #3 MAG-7 $900
    #4 M249 $300
    #5 Negev $300
    ### 3 – SMGs
    #1 MAC-10 $600
    #1 MP9 $600
    #2 MP7 $600
    #3 UMP-45 $600
    #4 P90 $300
    #5 PP-Bizon $600
    ### 4 – Rifles
    #1 Galil AR $300
    #1 FAMAS $300
    #2 AK47 $300
    #2 M4A4 $300
    #2 M4A1-S $300
    #3 SSG 08 $300
    #4 SG 553 $300
    #4 AUG $300
    #5 AWP $100
    #6 G3SG1 $300
    #6 SCAR-20 $300
    ### 5 – Gear
    #1 Kevlar Vest n.a.
    #2 Kevlar + Helmet n.a.
    #3 Zeus x27 $300
    #4 Defuse Kit n.a.
    #4 Rescue Kit n.a.
    ### 6 – Grenades
    #1 Molotov $300
    #1 Incendiary Grenade $300
    #2 Decoy Grenade $300
    #3 Flashbang $300
    #4 High Explosive Grenade $300
    #5 Smoke Grenade $300
    ### Other
    X Knife $1500In a configured Valve’s auto match-making competitive prior to the first round, players compete in a “Warmup Round” in which all players are given $16000 as other players continue to connect. This round acts as a team deathmatch with timed respawn in the fixed team spawns, but also requires the player to purchase guns and equipment. None of the awarded money will carry over to the first round of the match. In the first round, also known as the pistol round, both teams start with $800 in Competitive, the winning team receives $3250 by a time win or team elimination, the winning team receives $3500 by winning through a bomb defuse or a bomb detonation. The losing team receives:$1400 after losing the first round
    $1900 after losing 2 rounds in a row
    $2400 after losing 3 rounds in a row
    $2900 after losing 4 rounds in a row
    $3400 after losing 5 or more rounds in a row
    If Terrorists were able to plant the bomb but lose the round, all Terrorists receive a $800 bonus additionally to the values above.Also, if a Terrorist round is lost by running out of time, surviving players on the losing side will not receive round-end money, but will retain their current weapons. Surviving Counter-Terrorists, however still receive money on a lost round. (This applies even when the player dies before the next round starts but after the round is declared over, making it possible that a player will not receive money and not being able to retain his weapons.)Players who committed suicide doesn’t not receive the round-end money to discourage “denying” (killing yourself to prevent the enemy from getting a kill award). If a round is lost by enemy side’s achievement of the mission objective (for example letting the bomb explode as Counter-Terrorists), all players on the losing side will receive the round-end money, regardless of their status. Defusing or planting the bomb also awards $300 for the individual. The bomb can be planted after winning the round to get the bonus.
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