GTA 6: Locations And City Where The Game Could Be Set

gta 6 city

Ever since the release of GTA V in 2013 fans have been speculating about the sequel and where the game would take them next. With Rockstar recently confirming the news of the next iteration of the game in development, the hype and rumours are once again set in motion.

Even though Rockstar generously confirmed the news of the next iteration of GTA in work, the release is still years away and most probably we will be hearing nothing more until E3 or Gamescom 2024.

Since GTA VI is probably going to use the nextgen RAGE game engine, we expect to see a bigger and more detailed city than previous instalments. A city that will be populated and more lifelike than any other game currently in the market. 

Grand Theft Auto VI Setting and Location

With the announcement out of the way, let’s talk about the “supposed” location of the city in which GTA VI will be set. 

With GTA V we returned to Los Santos which we first saw in GTA San Andreas and with GTA IV we returned to Liberty City which we first saw in original GTA and GTA 3.  Now with the GTA VI fans are speculating that we may return to the beaches of Miami in Vice City. As per some “leaks” and rumors, the GTA VI universe is set in Vice City that we first saw in GTA Vice City. 

While the map in the older game was tiny for today’s standard, Rockstar will be adding more parts from the Miami city to the map to extend it to moderate size with more location and POIs being added later via a DLC. It is also speculated that parts of the map will include some other areas from Florida that will be added as neighboring locations to the Vice City.  

Some fans are also speculating a re-return to the San Andreas with more areas from San Francisco, California being added to expand the map further. The speculation of a return to San Andreas is also backed by the current success of GTA Online which is currently printing money for Rockstar. Since Rockstar wouldn’t want to release a new GTA game without an online mode and also won’t want to divide the players between GTA Online and GTA VI, it is highly possible that we may re-return to San Andreas. 

While the developers are tight-lipped about giving away any detail or information. We expect more leaks to follow soon as more dev teams are called to work on the game environment.