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How to Win With Fortnite Magneto Powers

Master Magnetism and Conquer the Island

The latest Fortnite update includes the highlight of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3. This update brings the Fortnite Magneto Powers which will be fun to fiddle with as the ability to push and pull metal objects at your will is bound to cause chaos in the server.

What Is the Fortnite Magneto Powers?

His powers aren’t too far removed from what is shown in the comics. The first power shows Magnet pulling in and attacking your enemies with it. The next one has a wide-scale and ranged attack that deals significant damage at the cost of an extended cooldown. The third power lets you assemble metals and form a shield that will guard you from enemy attacks. Along with all this, you get a slight low gravity effect and no fall damage.

How to Win With Fortnite Magneto Powers?

There are only two ways to get it, the normal loot and a guaranteed spawn. Look for crates and loots around the hotspots and unless someone has found it already, chances are you will get the gauntlet that grants you said powers.

This is also valid for the Magneto NPC which lets you buy said gauntlet but he only has one available so time is of the essence and given the fact that it is a hotspot, chances are you have to get past any other players gunning for the same.

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