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How to Complete Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 Week 12 Quests?

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 is almost upon us, but before diving into the new adventures, let’s focus on completing the remaining quests in Week 12. These quests will involve interacting with NPCs, exploring excavation camps, engaging in geology, looting gold bars, and eliminating opponents. Let’s explore each quest in detail and learn how to complete them successfully.

Quest 1: Purchase a Weapon from a Vending Machine and a Character (25,000 XP)

To start, locate a vending machine and select a weapon that suits your playstyle. Additionally, interact with an NPC to progress further. This season, there are numerous characters scattered across the map. It’s wise to land in less crowded areas to complete this quest without interruptions.

Quest 2: Visit Excavation Camps (25,000 XP)

You will find out excavation camps situated near the center of the map, each equipped with construction materials. Look for one just north of “Anvil Square,” another northeast of the Shattered Slabs, and a third camp northeast of Mega City. Make sure to visit all three camps in separate matches to fulfill the quest requirements.

Quest 3: Place Seismographs on Fault Lines (25,000 XP)

For this quest, your task is to place three seismographs on fault lines. As you approach the fault line areas, you’ll hear rumbling sounds. The fault lines can be found in the following locations: Southeast of Slappy Shores, Southwest of Frenzy Fields, and Northeast of Shattered Slabs. Look for a white diamond-shaped exclamation HUD indicator to locate the seismograph and activate it.

Quest 4: Collect 100 Gold Bars from Cash Registers or Safes (25,000 XP)

Your objective is to collect 100 gold bars from cash registers or safes scattered across the island. Keep an eye out for areas with a higher concentration of registers and safes, particularly at various Points of Interest (POIs), as it will expedite your progress.

Quest 5: Talk to Characters to Receive Free Items (25,000 XP)

Similar to the first quest, you’ll need to find NPCs and engage in conversation to receive free items. Remember, each character can only provide one item per match. Hence, you may need to play multiple matches to complete this quest.

Quest 6: Eliminate Players (25,000 XP)

In this quest, you’ll need to eliminate 10 players throughout the week. Employ ambush tactics whenever possible, such as utilizing a sniper rifle to pick off unsuspecting opponents engaged in combat. Another strategy is to observe players’ landing spots during deployment and eliminate them upon landing. You can also set up camp near NPCs and take out players when they are distracted. Be creative, as there are no restrictions!

Quest 7: Upgrade Weapons at Upgrade Benches (25,000 XP)

Upgrade five weapons at the available upgrade benches spread across the island. Keep an eye out for these upgrade benches, as there are approximately a dozen of them. Remember, you’ll require Gold Bars to perform the upgrades, which ties in with the previous cash register quest.

Quest 8: Collect 150 Gold Bars in a Single Match (33,000 XP)

During a match, keep a lookout for cash registers and safes to collect a total of 150 gold bars. This quest can be progressed simultaneously while working on the cash register quest.

Completing these quests will reward you with XP and help you progress through the Season Three Battle Pass.


Can I complete all the quests in a single match?

No, some quests require multiple matches to complete, such as talking to different characters or eliminating players throughout the week.

Where can I find vending machines?

Vending machines can be found in various locations across the map, so explore different areas to locate them.

Do I need to visit all three excavation camps in one match?

No, you can visit each camp in separate matches to complete the quest.

How can I identify fault lines for placing seismographs?

Listen for rumbling sounds in the specific areas mentioned in the quest and look for the white diamond-shaped exclamation HUD indicator.

Can I upgrade weapons without Gold Bars?

No, you’ll need Gold Bars to upgrade weapons at the available upgrade benches.

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