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Find the ‘Final Ruin’ in Genshin Impact

As a part of the "Treasure Lost, Treasure Found" quests in Genshin Impact, players have to find the Final Ruin and win a boss-fight for rewards.

“Treasure Lost, Treasure Found” is one of the more interesting missions in the Liyue region of miHoYo’s RPG title Genshin Impact. The quest requires players to gather a number of treasures in the region before engaging in a boss fight at the end.

To initiate the “Treasure Lost, Treasure Found” quest, players will have to talk to the NPC Soraya, who can be found in Guili Plains located in the Guili Assembly.

After completing the initial stages of the quest, players will be given the task to find the “Final Ruins”.

The Final Ruins are located in the circular structure north of the Guili Assembly. The area can be identified by the positions of the four Jade Plates that players have to find in the first half of the quest. The Final Ruins lie in the centre of the locations of the four plates on the map.

If you’re still confused on where the Final Ruins are, its position is marked on the map below:

After finding the place, players can interact with the ruin to trigger a boss fight. The boss fight will require the player to defeat three disabled Ruin Guards for a reward of a Luxurious Chest and two Precious Chests. After defeating the bosses, players can return to Soraya and complete the quest to get further rewards.

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