Esports: How to Succeed in Cyberspace?


Gaming is a popular hobby among Millenials, and Gen Z, but also among the younger generations. Some even managed to turn this hobby into a career by becoming content creators or by becoming professional players. Currently, sponsors are lining up to support esports and similar ciber world events as they attract a lot of attention from gamers.

Many gaming enthusiasts want to focus on polishing their skills and going pro. So, if you share similar ambitions check out this article. We will be talking about some tips and suggestions on how to become a more successful esport professional. 

Find an Online Game That Suits Your Playstyle 

There are different genres that require players to utilize different skills. Some rely on quick reflexes and on-spot decision-making, while others reward better strategy and planning far in advance. Most of the young players are studying in college and it is extremely hard to be an excellent student and professional esports player. That’s why you can delegate college paper writing to academic assistance website CaEdubirdie which can help you with your academic papers. There are a lot of players that enjoy playing solo online games. The great thing about solo online gaming is that you can win money but more importantly it does not require teamwork. So, you can work on it on your own. Other esports usually revolve around team play, which is more exciting but requires a lot more work, coordination, and communication.    

Focus on Competitive AAA Games

It’s easy for a popular competitive game to be turned into an esport event. So long as there is a big player base that is willing to participate or simply watch the competition the event is going to be successful. However, creating esports events also requires a lot of finances, so it’s unlikely for an indie title or a game from a small studio to get enough resources for becoming a full-blown online sport. So, if you are planning to have a career in cyberspace as a professional gamer, focus on polishing your skills in AAA competitive games:

  • Fortnite
  • CS:GO
  • Call of Duty
  • League of Legends
  • Dota
  • Hearthstone

There are multiple competitions that include these games, and they are very popular on streaming platforms as well.

Remember to Take Breaks  

Sitting all day and trying to improve your gaming skills can be detrimental and unhealthy. You need to rest both your mind and your body. It would be good to have some sort of physical activity to maintain your health which can even help you think better. If you need to unwind and lie down, then you can play some other games that don’t require much thinking. This way you won’t have to pay anything and you can still win money in an online game. Needless to say that winning feels great for all players and it can motivate you to pursue that feeling of victory.   

Learn From Your Mistakes 

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Instead of playing all of the time, you can replay your older matches and see what you did wrong. This works for pretty much any game and the insight is valuable if you plan to improve. After all, you are not only competing against others but against yourself as well, since you need to constantly improve. If your improvement is visible then you feel like a winner even after losing. 

Learn From Other Pros 

There are esports professionals who are frequently streaming on platforms like Twitch. They also started as casual players, but gradually became highly proficient and started to compete in big events. So, you should look them up and spectate them during their streams in order to learn new things. Very often they explain what they are doing and even share some professional tips with their audience. 


These were some general tips to help you improve your gaming skills. Of course, this is going to take a lot of work, so it’s up to you to set realistic goals and milestones for this journey. Stay focused on your goal and always strive for improvement. Be on the lookout for new releases as well, since it’s a golden opportunity to jump in and establish your dominance. Professional players cannot spread themselves too thin with every new game, so every new release is an opportunity for new stars to shine.