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How To Enable & Use Cheats in Counter-Strike 2?

Dominate the Battlefield with These Powerful Commands

If you’re looking to practice your wallbangs or refine your smoke lineups to perfection in Counter-Strike 2, you’ll need to create a custom server for yourself.

We have previously discussed how you can create custom servers in CS2 to play with your friend. However, before jumping into a custom game, there’s one more thing you need to know — how to enable cheats in CS2.

Enabling cheats in CS2 will let you access various commands and features that can help you practice and improve your skills more effectively, such as infinite ammo, no-clip mode, and the ability to see through walls.

How To Enable Cheats in CS2

If you want to enable cheats for your custom server in CS2, you’ll first need to enable the developer’s console.

To enable your CS2 console, simply head over to the game’s settings and go to the ‘GAME’ window. Once there, find the option called ‘Enable Developer Console’ and set it to ‘yes’.

You can also go to your Steam Library and add ‘-console’ to your CS2 launch options for the same effect.

How To Use Cheats in CS2

Once you have the developer’s console enabled, you are ready to use cheats in your CS2 server.

First, open your console by hitting the tilde (~) key on your keyboard. On the new window that opens, type ‘sv_cheats true’ and hit enter.

That’s it! You have successfully enabled cheats in CS2.

Now, you can enter various cheat commands into your console to achieve your desired effects.

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