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How To Change Your Faces in Content Warning

Landfall Publishing’s new horror-comedy game, ‘Content Warning’, is all about going viral with those perfectly panicked reactions. So naturally, you’ll want a hilarious (or horrifying) face to match those scares. Let’s dive into how to make your virtual avatar uniquely yours and get those ‘SpookTube’ views rolling!

How To Change Faces in Content Warning

  • Your customization journey starts with the TV in the house.
  • Head right when you spawn in and look for it – that’s your command center for crafting your perfect face.
  • Interact with it by hitting ‘E’ and get ready to unleash your creativity! First things first, ditch the default smiley face with a tap of the ‘Backspace’ key.
  • Now, the keyboard is your canvas! Unleash a flurry of letters, numbers, emojis, and symbols to create a face that screams (or giggles) your personality.
  • Once you’ve perfected your masterpiece, hit ‘Apply’ to make it official.

Content Warning” is about letting your personality shine through those scares. Whether you’re aiming for classic “UwU” terror, cryptic symbols, or spelling out your initials in giant letters, the choice is yours! Embrace the absurd and create the most meme-worthy face for your journey to internet stardom.

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