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Is Content Warning Free To Play?

Looking for a new spine-tingling experience with friends? Landfall Publishing’s latest indie horror hit, “Content Warning,” might be your perfect (and free) weekend scare-fest. But there’s a catch – it’s a limited-time offer. Let’s dive into the details so you don’t miss out.

Is Content Warning Free To Play?

As part of their annual April 1st “Landfall Day” tradition, “Content Warning” is free to claim on Steam until April 2nd, 9 AM PT/ 12 PM ET/ 5 PM BST. Once you add it to your library within that window, it’s yours to keep and play whenever the mood for terrifying fun strikes!

Wait, What’s “Content Warning” About?

This unique title puts you and your friends in the shoes of fame-seeking paranormal investigators. Your goal: capture the most terrifying footage possible in a haunted, procedurally generated world to go viral on “SpookTube”. Descend in a diving bell, film spooky happenings, dodge physics-driven monsters, and make it back to the surface to cash in on your creepy content.

Yes, Content Warning is free to play on Steam for a limited time (24 hours). Landfall Day is known for its surprises, and a free game is definitely one! It’s a great way to introduce “Content Warning” to a huge audience and generate buzz. After the giveaway, the game will cost $7.99 / £6.69 on Steam.

Get It While You Can!

Intrigued? Head to the “Content Warning” Steam page and claim your copy before the deadline. Just remember, if you snag it for free, you won’t be able to earn Steam Trading Cards for the game.

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