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PS5 Slim available in India starting April 5, 2024

PlayStation 5 has been in demand ever since it came out but after the announcement of PS5 Slims, fans have been eager to get their hands on it and after months of wait, it is finally coming to India this April.

As the name suggests, PS5 Slim is a PS5 shrunk to a compact form factor while maintaining similar performance. While everything sounds tempting from the get-go, the console was limited to certain regions so many were unable to get their hands on it. After months of waiting, it has finally arrived in India and is set to go on sale starting 5th April.

The PS5 Slim will come in two variants, a digital standalone with 1TB of SSD storage and one with attachable Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive. Prices are unavailable at the moment but they will reportedly cost the same or slightly above the prices that the regular PS5 went out on sale for.

“All of this information is in line with our recent report that stated the Sony PS5 Slim will be available for pre-ordering from April 2024. This information was found through a Flipkart listing, and it is speculated that it will be available on this website for pre-orders at launch. Other online retailers you can visit to purchase the PS5 Slim are ShopAtSCCroma, and Amazon. Lastly, the price of just the attachable disc drive hasn’t been revealed.” via IGN

While PS5 Slim may be a tempting purchase, we would recommend holding your horses a little longer for the PlayStation 5 Pro which is scheduled to release later this year. PS5 Pro will offer better longevity and performance for a little higher markup., making it a better value-for-money purchase.

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