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COD Mobile: Steps to unlock the new QCR SMG

COD Mobile has launched a new SMG named QCR and here is how you can get it for free.

COD Mobile has completed its 12th season recently and now has begun the festive celebrations of winter season with a themed update. In this Season 13 update, the game has got wintery vibes with different events and modes which resemble the snow and chilly climate of this season. With the launch of this new season, the seasonal event have been changed as well.

As always, COD Mobile has made some new additions to its vast arsenal of weapons. These weapons have been released in the game via skins and other methods but the most common method to obtain the guns for free is via seasonal events.

In the new Run & Gun seasonal event, players have to complete eight tasks in the span of this season to successfully unlock the gun along with several other rewards in the process. The list of tasks is as follows:

How to get QCR SMG in COD Mobile

  • Kill 20 enemies in any mode
  • Kill 30 enemies with any SMG
  • Kill 50 enemies with any SMG
  • Kill 30 enemies with an SMG equipped with any three attachments
  • Kill 30 enemies with an SMG equipped with any four attachments
  • Kill 30 enemies with the PDW-57 equipped with any two attachments
  • Kill 20 enemies with the PDW-57 equipped with any five attachments
  • Kill 20 enemies with a Cordite equipped with any three attachments

All of these tasks are self-explanatory and one has to complete it in any in-game mode of Multiplayer section. It is recommended to do these tasks in Death Match as the time taken for accumulating such large number of kills is significantly reduced due to continuous respawns.

After completing all of these tasks, subsequent rewards are awarded at each stage. The rewards offered at each stage also keep on increasing and the final reward will be the new QCR SMG with tons of Battle pass EXP points. The list of rewards is as follows:

  • 200 Credits and 1000 Battlepass EXP
  • Knife – Pine Cone Camo and 2000 BP EXP
  • 5 Weapon XP card and 2000 BP EXP
  • MW11 Pistol – Pine Cone Camo and 3000 BP EXP
  • Avatar Frame – Siberia and 3000 BP EXP
  • 10 Weapon XP cards and 4000 BP EXP
  • Cordite – Snowframe Camo and 5000 BP EXP
  • QCR SMG and 6000 BP EXP

By using this method and completing the seasonal task, players can get the new QCR SMG for free.

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