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How to Place Chicken Crossing Signs Fortnite?

In order to finish Fortnite’s most recent Spring Breakout quest, one of the tasks involves promoting road safety for chickens by strategically placing Chicken Crossing signs along various roads. This task requires traveling to different locations and setting up four signposts. Upon completing this activity, you will receive a significant amount of EXP as a reward.

In this article, we will explore how to place chicken crossing signs in Fortnite.

How to Place Chicken Crossing Signs Fortnite?

The Chicken Crossing signs can be located in the vicinity of Frenzy Fields and Kenjutsu Crossing. Upon arriving at these locations, refer to your mini-map where a white exclamation mark icon will guide you to the precise spots to install the signs.

When you reach the designated area, you will spot a signpost. To place the sign, simply approach it and hold down the action button. The sign should appear once it has been successfully installed.

Note: Choosing either Frenzy Fields or Kenjutsu Crossing does not guarantee that you will not encounter other players during your quest.

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