50 Questions to Ask Ghosts in Phasmophobia

There are a total of 140 accepted questions that you may ask the ghost in Phasmophobia. Here are some questions that you’ll find useful.

In order to maximize the immersive gameplay experience of the players, Phasmophobia lets them interact with the ghosts with their actual voice through Ouija Boards and EVP Sessions using a Spirit Box. There are a total of 140 accepted questions that players can ask ghosts, many of which are rewordings of some other question.

In case you’re a new Phasmophobia player and having difficulties understanding which questions to ask the ghosts, you’re at the right place. We have compiled together for you a list of 50 accepted questions that you can ask ghosts in your next game of the co-op psychological horror title by Kinetic Games.

50 Questions You Can Ask Ghosts

  1. Anybody here?
  2. Anybody in the room?
  3. Anybody with us?
  4. Are you angry?
  5. Are you a boy?
  6. Are you a child?
  7. Are you a girl?
  8. Are you a woman?
  9. Are you close?
  10. Are you female?
  11. Are you friendly?
  12. Are you here?
  13. Are you male?
  14. Are you male or female?
  15. Are you old?
  16. Are you with us?
  17. Are you young?
  18. Can we help?
  19. Can you give me your name?
  20. Can you show yourself?
  21. Can you talk?
  22. Do you want to hurt us?
  23. Do you want us here?
  24. Do you want us to leave?
  25. Give us a sign!
  26. Hello?
  27. How old are you?
  28. How young are you?
  29. Is anyone here?
  30. Is there a ghost here?
  31. Is there a spirit here?
  32. Let us know you are here.
  33. Shall we leave?
  34. Should we leave?
  35. Show yourself!
  36. Speak to us!
  37. What are you?
  38. What is your age?
  39. What is your gender?
  40. What is your location?
  41. What is your name?
  42. What do you want?
  43. What should we do?
  44. When were you born?
  45. Where are you?
  46. Who am I talking to?
  47. Who are we talking to?
  48. Who are you?
  49. Who is this?
  50. Why are you here?