How to get Bountiful Year food in Genshin Impact

Genish Impact’s latest food item, Bountiful Year is up for grabs following Enkanomiya region in update 2.4 and here’s how to get it!

Bountiful Year boosts the ATK and Crit Rate of party members making its high demand very reasonable. However, unlike other food items, it cannot be cooked or acquire the recipe, the only way to get it is to complete a quest that in return grants the player 5 of the said food item. It is a four-star item that increases all party members’ ATK by 272 and Crit Rate by 8% for 300 seconds.

Players can get the Bountiful Year food by exchanging the Dragonbone orb which in return can be obtained as a reward after completing the Lotus Eater World Quest in Enkanomiya.

How to get the Dragonbone Orb in Genshin Impact

The Dragonbone Orb is obtained upon completing the Lotus Eater. The quest can be initiated by summoning a ghost NPC from The Serpent’s Heart where players must interact with them which will summon the afterimage following which players will begin the Lotus Eater World Quest where they must craft Dragonbone which is relatively simple.

T traveler and Paimon must water the Dragonbone plant and wait for the server to reset in order to obtain the orb. Once the orb is obtained, it can be exchanged for Bountyful Year food item.