Genshin Impact: List of upcoming events of May 2021 & Beyond

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Since its launch in April 2021, miHoYo’s Genshin Impact has become a sensation and one of the most popular gatcha games worldwide. From time to time, miHoYo introduces new or rotational events in the game to keep the players engaged in between major updates. 

Each event offers a chance for players to earn exclusive rewards and a bunch of free items that might come in handy while playing the game. The events are generally aimed at players that have achieved Adventure Rank 20 or above so that the new players won’t get overwhelmed with “things-to-do” and notifications. 

Upcoming Events with the Update 1.5 in Genshin Impact

Windtrace Event 

Duration: 14th May to 24th May 

Required Rank: Adventure Rank 20 and above

Rewards: Primogems, Event Namecard “Celebration: Peekaboo!”, Character EXP Materials, and Mora.

In the Windtrace event, travelers have to take part in a game of Windtrace at Gygax’s to obtain Windtrace Coins that can be used to redeem certain rewards. Starting from day 1, the maximum number of Windtrace Coins you can carry is capped at 1,200. The cap is increased by 600 coins daily until a maximum of 4,800 Windtrace Coins cap is reached. Travelers can also complete Windtrace Challenges to get additional Mora rewards.

Battlefront: Misty Dungeon

Duration: May 21 to May 31

Required Rank: Adventure Rank 20 and above

Rewards: Primogems, Hero’s Wit, and Talent Level-Up Materials.

During the Battlefront: Misty Dungeon event, Travelers have to assemble a team with the specific trial characters provided and challenge six trials of different themes. Complete each trial quest to get rewards.

Mimi Tomo

Duration: May 27 to June 8

Required Rank: Adventure Rank 20 and above

Rewards: Liyue-style Furnishing Blueprints, Primogems, and Hero’s Wit.

Mimi Tomo is an upcoming event that came with update 1.5 in Genshin Impact. During the event, travelers will have to track down an Unusual Hilichurl. Travelers will get help from Hilichurlian “expert” Ella Musk and her Handy Handbook of Hilichurlian to communicate with other hilichurls to find whereabouts on the Unusual Hilichurl. 

Overflowing Mastery

Duration: May 31 to June 7

Required Rank: After activating Talent Level-Up Material Domains

Rewards: Players to receive double the rewards

During the Overflowing Mastery event, Travelers who successfully complete a “Talent Level-Up Materials Domain” and claim the rewards by using Original Resin will receive double the rewards. A total of 3 such bonuses will be available each day.

Claiming the double rewards has the same output as one: doubling Companionship EXP and Adventure EXP.

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