Valve Is All Set to Release “Counter-Strike 2” Based on the Source 2 Engine: Report

    Valve's new Counter-Strike 2 based on the Source 2 will be one of the most remarkable updates in the history of CS.


    Apparently, data miners have discovered a bunch of information regarding the new CSGO 2 or Counter-Strike 2 from a new Nvidia driver update. Apart from that, sources close to the prominent esports journalist Richard Lewis confirmed that the Counter-Strike 2 is real and Valve is all set for a beta release.

    The whole CSGO community has been expecting the Source 2 engine to be implemented into the game since a long time ago. Previously, there were several rumors flying around the internet that claimed a new CSGO game based on Source 2. However, nothing happened as per the rumors till now.

    Recently, the well-known data miner Gabe Follower found something unusual with the latest Nvidia driver update. Gabe Follower mentioned in his tweet that the latest driver included support for app executables named “csgo2.exe” and “cs2.exe”.

    Starting from this tweet, several players as well as esports personalities started speculating about the new version of Counter-Strike. The speculations got bolstered today by Richard Lewis’s post where he mentioned that his sources confirmed that “Counter-Strike 2” is real and the developers are ready to launch a beta version of the game soon.

    The Possible Changes in Counter-Strike 2

    The most anticipated change in the new version of the game is the new Source 2 game engine. Players have been asking for the Source 2-based Counter-Strike for a long time. The new game engine will obviously bring in several visual and audible changes to the game. However, it isn’t clear if it will be a totally separate game or just an updated version of CSGO with the Source 2 engine.

    According to the report, the new Counter Strike 2 will have 128 tick servers as well as a new matchmaking system like Faceit. The new optimization and graphical changes might eat up more resources. Therefore, players with low-end specifications may not be able to play the game properly.

    What will happen to the Skins you own?

    Valve will not just remove the skins, stickers, knives, and other in-game items. Not only do players purchase skins and other in-game items for fascination, but a lot of them do invest their money into those in-game items. Therefore, removing those items overnight will ruin value worth millions of dollars. In addition, players will lose trust which will damage both Valve’s business model and revenue to a large extent.

    For that reason, Valve will mostly port all the skins and other in-game items to the new version of the game.

    Expected Release date of Counter-Strike 2

    As per the report, the preliminary release date for the Counter-Strike 2 beta is the 1st of April. Seemingly, it is not an April fool. Therefore, it seems that we are just a few days away from the official launch of the new Counter-Strike 2 or CSGO 2.

    While the player base of CSGO is rising day by day, it will be interesting to see how Valve will surprise the players with a new game.

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