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Counter Strike 2 beta to launch this month on Source 2 engine, reports say

For the past several years, rumors of a potential Source 2 release in CS:GO have been looming in the air. Previously, the competitive shooter’s community has witnessed leakers and dataminers consistently uncovering clues that suggest Valve has been actively testing the new engine before releasing it to the live servers. 

The speculation surrounding the release of Source 2 in CSGO reached new heights at the end of February 2023 when the game’s official Twitter account updated its profile banner. The speculations escalated even further when prominent leaker ‘Gabe Follower’ tweeted that NVIDIA drivers had added support for two new executables, “csgos2.exe” and “cs2.exe” This unexpected revelation sent fans into a frenzy, prompting renewed excitement and curiosity about the long-awaited game engine upgrade. 

Counter-Strike fans, get ready to rejoice! According to a recent report from journalist Richard Lewis, we might be standing closer to the release of ‘Counter-Strike 2’ than we think. Insider sources have reportedly informed the publication that the official launch of the highly anticipated CS sequel is just a few weeks away.

“The new version is almost certainly set to be released under the working title Counter-Strike 2 and the tentative release date for the beta is in this month of March with April 1st at the outside,” the report states.

Will Counter-Strike 2 Be a New Game?

While Valve is expected to ship the Source 2 update to CSGO under the name of ‘Counter-Strike 2’, it’s unlikely to be an entirely new game. However, the game will feature loads of improvements over the current version of CSGO.

Consequently, the consensus within the community is that players will be able to keep their weapon skins and other cosmetics from the current version of CSGO.

What Will the Source 2 Upgrade Bring to CSGO?

While no official announcement has been made by Valve regarding the CSGO Source 2 update, we have seen plenty of leaks surface over the past few days to get a decent idea of what it’ll bring to the shooter.

For starters, Counter-Strike 2 is expected to bring 128-tick servers to matchmaking – a feature that the community has been requesting since the release of the game itself. On top of that, CSGO will also see matchmaking improvements, which means that the matchmaking will be much fairer than the current state of the game, and players will be matched with and against players of similar skill levels.

With an engine upgrade, comes the promise of visual improvements to the game as well. However, whether this will impact the game’s ability to run on lower-end systems remains to be seen. While players are excited about the potential for better graphics and smoother gameplay, there are also concerns about whether the upgrade will make the game more resource-intensive and less accessible to those with lower-spec systems.

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