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Valorant Saadhak’s “Om Sai Ram” Tattoo: A Symbol of Cultural Appreciation

LOUD Valorant player Matias “Saadhak” Delipetro frequently sports an “Om Sai Ram” tattoo on his right arm beneath a Trishul. This raises the question of whether the 25-year-old player has roots in India or the entirety of Hinduism.

The reasons why foreign players choose to adorn themselves with Hindu symbols can differ from person to person. Tattoos have grown in popularity as a means of expressing one’s individuality, and for some, they have deep symbolic meanings. While it is unclear why Saadhak chose this particular tattoo, it is possible that he has an affinity for Hinduism and Indian culture.

Saadhak’s team, LOUD, recently lost to Fnatic at the VCT LOCK//IN Grand Finals. The Brazilian side went down 2-3 against the Europeans, with Fnatic winning straight 9 rounds in overtime to stay in contention for the championship.

Pictures on Saadhak’s Instagram and Twitter accounts show him donning the Om Sai Ram tattoo on his right arm alongside a Beads Mala (necklace), which also suggests a link to an old historical Vedic religion.

Many people find inspiration in Hindu culture and symbolism, and some choose to commemorate their appreciation of this culture by getting tattoos featuring Hindu images.

However, it is important to approach cultural appreciation with respect and sensitivity, especially when working with symbols and rituals that have profound meaning for the people who belong to that culture. The use of cultural icons requires caution and understanding to avoid accusations of cultural appropriation.

While we can only speculate on Saadhak’s motivations for getting the Om Sai Ram tattoo, it is important to respect and appreciate the cultural significance behind such symbols.

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