Skyesports Champions Series Group stage Day 5 recap

Skyesports Valorant Champions series

Day 5 of the Skyesports Champions Series had a few of the most important valorant matches of all the tournament. With elimination and qualification in the picture, most teams needed the wins and brought their best performances today.

Day 5 SCS Group Stage summary

Group A

  • Team Valor 2-0 Revenant Esports
  • Khumbu Esports 0-2 Global Esports 

Group B

  • Velocity Gaming 2-0 Exceeli Esports
  • Reckoning Esports 0-2 Full Power Gaming
  • Orangutan 2-0 Union Gaming 

Match 1: Team Valor 2-0 Revenant Esports

Team Valor had a must-win game today, While Revenant had a final match and with a win would’ve solidified their position in the group and could’ve been a contestant for the top seed in the group. The valorant match showed the resilience of both the teams and their fighting spirit. 

On the first map of fracture, Revenant Esports’ pick had team Revenant on defense, but Valor managed to consistently find gaps in Revenants defense to close the first half 8-4, Revenant on their attack pulled something similar too and won that half 8-4 putting both teams on 12-12 at the end of regulation. 

In OT after exchanging defense rounds in OT 1 and then attack rounds in OT 2, team valor managed to close it in the third OT 

Team Valor’s Ascent saw team valor struggling to find any impact in attack only managing 2 rounds to close the half 10-2, but on their defense, they closed out Revenant’s attacks forcing OT again. 

This time around, Team Valor managed to win both rounds in OT 1 closing the match with a 2-0 victory over Revenant, Paradox was the most impactful player with 304 ACS almost carrying Team Valor to victory. Because of the result, Revenant Gaming is now 3-2 and Team Valor has a chance of tieing this score if they win against Prime 5. 

Match 2: Velocity Gaming 2-0 Exceeli Esports

Due to unforeseen circumstances and no way out, Exceeli had to surrender the match to Velocity. Velocity had already qualified and for them, the match was for seeding. 

Match 3: Reckoning Esports 0-2 Full Power Gaming

This was arguably one of the most anticipated and crucial matches of the day with the match’s result heavily impacting the qualifying team for the Chennai LAN. 

The game started on Full Power gaming’s map pick of Split, Full power Gaming managed to penetrate Reckoning Gaming’s defense over and over again winning the half 9-3 and on the defense, they managed to contain Reckoning’s attack to win the game 13-5.

On Haven, Reckoning’s choice, Full Power managed to scrape 5 rounds on their defense losing the half 5-7 But went on to attack with utter dominance only letting Reckoning defuse the spike once and winning the match 13-8, k1Ng’s 285 combined ACS on Neon was the best performance of the match. 

With this win, Full power Gaming along with Orangutan and Velocity become the three teams that qualify for Chennai LAN whilst Reckoning despite a wonderful effort failed to qualify. 

Match 4: Khumbu Esports 0-2 Global Esports 

Global Esports needed a compulsory win and if they wouldn’t have they would be out of the tournament for sure. While Khumbu was already out, They had a chance to pull a major upset and end the tournament on a high. 

For the match, Khumbu chose to attack their map choice and despite a good 3-2 start only managed to get 1 more round out of the remaining 7 rounds losing the half 4-8, Now GE’s attack was impressive given they played without a duelist. GE did not drop a single round and eventually won the map 13-4. 

Now onto GE’s fracture, Global with the last map’s momentum managed to win 10 attack rounds eventually to close out the map 13-2 in the second half and the series 2-0. SkRossi managed to accumulate 37 kills with a combined ACS of 37 to be the MVP for GE. 

Global Esports now have a strong chance to qualify with its decision depending on Team Valor and Prime 5’s game. While Khumbu plays Enigma tomorrow as their final game.

Match 5: Orangutan 2-0 Union Gaming

This match marked the final match of Group B, With Orangutan already qualified and Union Already out of contention, this was a seeding match. 

The match started out on Icebox, With Union despite winning the pistol, losing the next round, and went on to lose all the following rounds to lose the game 1-13.

The second map also followed a similar storyline with union gaming only managing 2 attack rounds and 1 defense round to lose the map 3-13.

The 2-0 victory over Union has put the orangutan in a strong position with 4-1 and is probably the first seed in group B over VLT. 

After today only two matches remaining, Khumbu Esports vs Enigma gaming which doesn’t change much as it would be a seeding match for Enigma who is already probably the top seed of the tournament, while Khumbu has already lost all the other matches and would try to win the game as a consolation. While the Team Valor- Prime 5 match might change the qualifying teams of group A

Since all the matches of group B are already concluded Orangutan, Velocity Gaming, and Full Power Gaming are the three qualified teams for Chennai LAN. The Final seeding would probably be announced tomorrow. Congratulations to the qualified teams and good luck to the teams who play tomorrow. GGs.