North American Valorant coach accuses Fear Legends of non-payment of dues

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North American coach Parker “Waltz” Walters has accused Fear Legends of not paying his fee in due time after Gamers Galaxy Pakistan. However, the organization is telling a different story.

Valorant coach Waltz is leveling some serious accusations against the Pakistani esports organization Fear Legends—the coach claims the organization has been stringing him along after Gamers Galaxy Pakistan 2021. Waltz has stated that his upfront and final payments have been continuously delayed, and Fear Legends has now stopped responding to his messages. 

According to Waltz, Fear Legends hired him for one of Pakistan’s biggest esports tournaments, Gamers Galaxy. The organization had allegedly divided his bills into two parts but didn’t hold up their end of the bargain. He claims that the upfront payment was made in small chunks, whereas the entire amount hasn’t been transferred weeks after the event wrapped up. 

“I was coaching their Valorant team going into Gamers Galaxy. I was paid a fraction of an upfront fee after they canceled the payment on me. Then since have been ghosted by them, and it’s now been 3 weeks since my final payment was due, and 7 weeks since my initial payment was due,” Waltz told TalkEsport. 

Fear Legends’ performance at Gamer’s Galaxy was nothing to write home about, but it was one of the few teams to give Team Exploit a tough time during the event. In the LAN semi-finals, the Pakistani quintet had brought the scoreline to 10-13 and 8-13 on the two maps. The team finished 3rd-4th at the event, taking their share of PKR 500,000 home.

According to Waltz, the payment issues had been there since the beginning. He claims to have threatened to sit out practice just to get a portion of his upfront fee, but he still stuck around for players’ sake. The coach alleges that the organization has only paid 10% of the total fee so far and 12.5% of the payment that he had “revised down” as he felt bad about the team losing and being absent for a duration of time before the event.

The coach revealed that he was absent for a “few days,” but sources have said that he didn’t show up for the job once Gamers Galaxy was over. The oral contract was allegedly made for one month, but the coach had stopped showing up after the semi-finals. Still, Waltz is accusing the organization for failing to maintain a proper line of communication.

“I have been dming them even contacted the Co-Owner as well to no response. I had messaged the players who have made attempts to assist me in getting paid and told management on many accounts at this point to respond to me and to pay me just to be ignored as well,” He said.

Fear Legends responds to the accusations 

In response to the accusations, Fear Legends told Talkesport that the coach was paid for the “time he gave.” According to the co-owner Tabi, the total amount after the sick days’ deduction was paid in full, and the coach was made aware of the updated amount. However, Waltz said he was told to “not worry about the sick days and payment regarding them.”

“He was informed that he won’t be paid for his absence, & [was paid in a] mutually decided amount,” Tabi said. 

According to the co-owner, all payment issues have been resolved, but he’s willing to listen and sort out matters. It remains to be seen how both parties tackle this issue as there clearly seems to be a lack of agreement.

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