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Classic Games Are Turning Full Fledged Into Esports Titles

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Esports’ numbers speak for themselves, with more and more people not only taking part in this new sporting pastime but also becoming fans of teams and individuals who play everything from League of Legends to DOTA 2.

However, away from all the well-established new Esports games that are blazing a trail online, there is a special subsection of Esports which goes about its business, building a greater and greater following by the day.

That subsection is classic games, some of which include chess, casino table games, and arcade button bashers. All these games have been around for years and in the cases of the ones whose players can use special sign-up deals found via comparison websites and apps, have been entertaining gamers for centuries.

It had been thought that the dawning of the internet age and all that has followed would be the death knell of such games of the past, which were deemed too slow and visually unappealing to compete against high-tech modern titles.

How wrong the people were who made those predictions because as you are about to read, classic games of the past are now thriving right across the world wide web; becoming bona fide Esports in their own right.

Chess has been made incredibly popular online by a new generation of star players and grandmasters like Magnus Carlsen, the Botez sisters, and Hikaru Nakamura

Board Games Go Large

Let’s be honest, hardcore board game fanatics have never really waned in number, as the passion for such games is passed down from generation to generation. But it had been thought that board games could become surplus to requirements once people bought consoles and gaming PCs.

That couldn’t be further from the truth of what has occurred, with games like chess becoming some of the most-watched games on streaming platforms like Twitch, and a whole new raft of Esports stars emerging as a result.

Part of what has made this possible is the numerous chess sites and apps which provide playing platforms for gamers to flock to, most of which are completely free of charge.

Retro arcade games are making a comeback in a big way, as those players who like to reminisce about the good old days invest in retro consoles and online retro game databases

Classic Casino Games Thrive

Some casino games such as baccarat have been around almost as long as the likes of chess, and in a similar fashion, they have risen from the ashes to become big hits online.

While roulette, blackjack, and baccarat continue to draw a huge base of players on a daily basis, it is poker that is considered to be a true Esport, seeing as the results of tournaments depend more on the skill displayed by the players themselves rather than how the house approaches each hand or reel spin.

As the regulation landscape begins to clear up in the United States, it is thought that a huge influx of new players is about to bolster this burgeoning Esport.

Arcade Classics Still Going Strong

When Esports was first put forward as a concept it was roundly derided as traditional sports fans and media dismissed it as nothing more than video games dressed up as something more socially acceptable.

Fast forward to the present, though, and many of the arcade games that gave birth to the notion that online games could be Esports are still being played competitively, both online and at live Esports events held in stadiums and arenas.

Some of the gaming series that continue to beguile large swathes of the Esports community include The Street Fighter series, Mortal Kombat series, and Tekken series.

Traditional Sports Now Also Have Their Esports Versions

Many of the sports that were in an uproar about Esports stealing their fanbases are now joining in the action themselves. Classic sports like football and F1 now have their very own official Esports series and competitions, further showing that Esports are anything but a passing fad.

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