ESL India Premiership is heading towards playoffs, the top 16 teams

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ESL and NODWIN Gaming recently announced one of the biggest e Sports championship of India with a prize pool of US$64,000,The ESL India Premiership.

The online cup started on 16th may for the games DotA 2, CS:GO and Hearthstone. With almost 150 teams registered for the CSGO Tournament, the tournament has now reached the round of 16 and each team is trying their level best to win the title.

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The top 16 teams of the CSGO starter cup are:

  1. Morbid Gaming
  2. Mxb Gaming
  3. Team MeetYourCreators
  4. Dota2 Haters
  5. Zeus Gods
  6. Simplex Gaming
  7. Invisible Wings
  8. Insanity
  9. RadianceX
  10. Overcome
  11. Brutality
  12. SemperX
  13. Elements
  14. MoB
  15. Team Destructive5
  16. Kya karra yaar

The Round of 16 of the ESL India Premiership Cup will be starting from today, 1st June and it will be very interesting to see who makes their way to the top.